Hannah Lees

Hannah Lees, born 1983 in Kent, UK
Lives and works in London and Margate, UK


Hannah Lees, ‘Make an appearance with a view to their disappearance’ (I – V), 2020, Cast brass, dimensions variable
Hannah Lees, ‘Tablet LXVI’, 2019, Plaster, earth pigment, lapis lazuli, turquoise, spell bottle, mixed media, 34 x 48 x 3.5 cm
Hannah Lees, ‘Tablet LXIX’, 2019, Plaster, Hindu Sandal Pooja powder, mixed media, 42 x 44 x 3 cm
Hannah Lees, ‘Golden Apple’, 2011, Sand-cast bronze
Hannah Lees, ‘These ruins were once a monument (Kit’s Coty)’, 2015, Leather, brass-cast hazelnut shells, plum and damson stones, dimensions variable